A 50's style restaurant in business since 1948, with curb-side service, a secret homemade root beer recipe, french-style steakburgers and a ton of nostalgia to go around.
Located in Bethel, CT Sycamore has become a landmark for locals and surrounding towns.
A family run business that has kept on the famous recipes handed down from the original owner's back in 1948.
From the black and white checkered floor to the antique juke box in the back you will definitely find yourself going back in time at the Sycamore.
As with any long standing eatery, you're bound to have your early morning regulars.
Just so happens my Dad is one of those regulars.
These French-Style Steakburgers have won best burgers in CT many times and the recipe has been passed down for over 5 decades.
There's no other burger that tastes like these. They may be thin but they are packed with flavor!
Another secret recipe is for Sycamore's homemade Root Beer.
The homemade Root Beer has made Sycamore's Root Beer Floats a well known treat in these parts as well.
Not many places offer Egg Creams these days, but if you have a hankering for milk, carbonated water and chocolate, you will find it at Sycamore.
What is a 50's style restaurant without a Cruise Night? Summer Cruise Nights have been a staple here for 34 years.
Take note of the large Sycamore tree in this image. It is the 600 year old namesake to this tasty time capsule.
I spent many summer nights as a teenager here walking around with friends, listening to 50's & 60's music and just having pure, clean fun.
If you find yourself any where near Bethel, CT in your travels be sure to stop by the Sycamore for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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