Some of my first experiences in taking pictures was with a plastic Fred Flintstone camera I won at our local carnival. From there I upgraded to a Disc camera (who remembers those?)... both film cameras and both easily achieved those light leak affects that so many people try to replicate today with filters. My first willing models were my two cats and dog. They really were happy to model whatever silly clothing or hat I put on them and sat there in the blazing summer sun while Fred Flintstone's nose captured their image. 
I really had no idea that a decade or so later I would be choosing photography school over an education in architecture. But I did and here I am with over 25 years of experience as a commercial photographer specializing in Architectural photography (I don't design structures, but now I photograph them), Food & Drink, and Small Products.
I graduated from Rhode Island School of Photography with a focus in commercial photography. Our professors were active professionals in the field or just retired and looking for a new way to live and breath photography. They taught us the techniques and fundamentals all the while encouraging students to find their own personal style. With ever changing technologies in a constantly evolving field I have been molding my technique and style for over 25 years and am confident you will be happy with the results if you hire me for your projects.
Please browse through my work. Some of these images can be found in The New York Times, CT Cottages & Gardens, Earth Magazine, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Willow & Sage Magazine, Happi, and many other on-line and printed publications. 
Clients include: O&G Industries, Havas Edge, Klaff's Kitchens, Natural Sourcing, The New York Times, Mack Media Group, Udolf Properties, Ten-X, Concierge Auctions, Seventy2 Architects, Brawer & Hauptman Architects, A2 Land Consulting, Sternberg Lighting, XAL, CliqStudios, G's Burgers, Zois Pizza, Famous Pizza, Inline Plastics, Good Directions, Ashcroft Inc., Direct Wines, Bella Taylor, Pants for Peanuts, Penny Cha, Winchester Interconnect, Beekley Medical, Fuel Cell Energy, Polder Products, LLC, LimeLife by Alcone, The Hollaender Manufactoring Co., RBC Bearings, Inc., e4h Architecture.
Contact me at or 203-515-2216 (m)
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